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(used) 233MHz AMD-K6-233ANR Socket 7 $15.53

Cyrix MII

(used) 366MHz MII-366GP Socket 7 $24.4

Intel Pentium

(used) 75MHz SX969 $3.75
(used) 90MHz SX957 $4.50
(used) 120MHz SY033 $6
(used) 133MHz SK098 $6.65
(used) 166MHz SY016 $8.30

Intel Pentium MMX

(used) 166MHz SL27K $11.06
(used) 166MHz SY059 $11.06

(used) 200MHz SL2RY $13.33

(used) 200MHz SY060 $13.33
(used) 233MHz SL27S $15.53

Intel Pentium II

(used) 266MHz 66MHz B80522P266512 Slot 1 SECC SL28L $21.28
(used) 333MHz 66MHz 80523PX333512PE Slot 1 SECC SL2ZP $26.64

(used) 400MHz 100MHz 80523PY400512PE Slot 1 SECC SL2U6 $32
(used) 450MHz 100MHz 80523PY450512PE Slot 1 SECC SL2U7 $36

Intel Pentium III

(used) 1.0GHz 1000/256/133/1.7V Slot 1 SECC2 SL4BS $80

Mobile Intel Pentium 4

(used) 2.0GHz 2000/512/400/1.3V 478 pin PPGA FC-PGA2 SL6FK $200

Intel Celeron

(used) 333MHz 333/128/66/2.0V Slot 1 SEPP SL2WN $22.20

(used) 500MHz 500/128/66/2.0V 370 pin PPGA SL3FY $33.33

+The AMD Athlon XP processor with QuantiSpeed™ architecture outperforms competitive processors.

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